John Witzenfeld

I was born in Lambeth and was evacuated to Prestatyn when I was three at the start of the second World War.  I qualified as a solicitor in 1966 and after working with various legal firms I established my own legal practice in West Kensington.  I helped a range of clients with various problems such as tenant and landlord disputes, where I worked for the tenants, also conveyancing, divorce, change of name, industrial injuries etc. 


In my personal life, I helped to look after my large family of seven children, particularly at the weekends.  I had three children from my first marriage and three step children with Barbara my second wife.  We had another son, making seven children.  Barbara and I know what a financial struggle it is to bring up such a large family.


I have been retired now for fourteen years and try to keep active.  I go to table tennis once a week with my son Leon, and also go to a political meeting run by the Socialist Workers Party.  I also go to an exercise class with my wife which we enjoy and she also keeps in touch with our large family as I know my memory is not what it was.

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