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Photo of an elderly women laughing

Lucia Dedear

Born in Italy, Lucia joined her Italian parents in England in 1958. She lived and worked in England until 1986 when she married her Australian born husband, Bill, and moved to Western Australia.


Lucia’s career has been varied and includes: secretarial and administrative positions, retail, travel industry, media, hospitality and education.


In December 2008, Lucia and her 14 year old daughter returned to England to care for her widowed father; who in May 2009 was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. Lucia cared for her father at home, whilst still working as a supply teacher, until September 2012 when her father moved to an excellent Residential Home.


Since 2010, Lucia has been involved in Carers Forums, workshops, engagements and consultations relating to various issues such as Carers, dementia, hospitals and mental health.  In 2012, she was recruited by Carers UK as a volunteer Carer Ambassador (GP Programme) and has been actively involved with local and national events relating to Carers. Lucia also has a special interest in Dementia, social services, domiciliary home help and residential/care homes.

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