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Photo of an elderly women laughing

U Hla Htay

U Hla Htay is a former carer of his wife with dementia for 23 years caring at home and at Respite Care home. In early days they both volunteer at dementia workshops at Alzheimer’s Society and Cochrane Collaboration. At the time of diagnose Htay has just completed tutelage to be a Maritime Arbitrator however decided to care for her and informed their sons who have been constant support to them. Htay has to advocate for her healthcare and social care with service providers and commissioners, accessing medicines and deals with commercial care agencies. He firmly manages carers to be punctual and not to have back to back care arrangements. Any substandard care by agency carers and HCAs is taken up with Adult Social Care Manager and Centre Manager.


Htay has written dementia care experience in “We learn to enter her world”; tales of dementia (Jessica Kingsley); and studied at UCL for MSc with thesis on Health promoting behaviour and coping of family carers of person with dementia (preventing carer burn out) 2011; and co-authored a Cochrane Review on Non-pharmaceutical interventions for wandering of people with mild cognitive impairment residing in care homes Cochrane Library, 2005.


At Alzheimer’s Society Htay is a Research Network Volunteer; a Dementia Friends’ Champion; PPI at MRC, Mental Health Foundation; involved in various dementia research programmes at UCL and KCL (Brain for Dementia) and at DeNDRoN; a Uniting Carer member at Dementia UK; Carer Ambassador, Carers UK at CLCCG; a Carer Council Member at North Westminster NHS Foundation Trust; and gives talks at dementia training courses.

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