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Work Package 7


The project will make full use of previous studies in this area.

Where are we at now?

Data extraction from previous studies

We are starting analyses of various existing datasets and trials that involve people with dementia, which will provide us with the data we need to build our models. As we need to combine information from different sources, which often use different measures to describe similar domains (for example levels of cognitive ability, or quality of life), we are also collecting data that will allow us to “cross-walk” between different measures. 



The team at Sussex University have recently obtained ethical approval to survey a cohort of 300 people with dementia (stratified so that there are 100 people with mild, moderate and severe dementia) and their carers. The recruitment of people with dementia to the study has started and we are pleased that there seems to be great interest in participating

Martin Knapp, Sube Banerjee

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