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Photo of an elderly women in cardigan, looking down

Work Package 8


Collecting new data from 300 people with dementia and their carers to get a better understanding of the effects of dementia on people’s lives.

Where are we at now?

Cohort study

Over 300 people with dementia and their carers have now been recruited onto the cohort study as part of the MODEM project. As of September 2017, the final participants have been visited for a second time, a year after recruitment.

The interviews will provide valuable data on the needs, care and outcomes of a cohort of people with dementia and their carers and how these change over time.

Dr Nicolas Farina at the Centre for Dementia Studies, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, said: “We are very grateful for all the people that have dedicated their precious time to participate in this research. We are now at the exciting stage of analysing the data, and look forward to sharing our findings”.

Sube Banerjee

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