Jenny Bailey

MA. M.,  Dip. Geront.,  Cert. Dementia.

Manager of an intensive day centre for people with dementia

I remember when I was about five years old visiting my Nan at a day centre in Merton, run by the Co-op – it was in a church hall, there were  activities, tea, cakes and the environment was warm and friendly.  I remember feeling happy that my Nan was enjoying her day and knitting toys for the Christmas sale.


Interestingly, at the age of 22 I started my career in services for older people, in the borough of Richmond upon Thames, employed at three different day centres for older people before moving to a specialist day centre for people with dementia.  I am currently Manager of an intensive day centre located in Ham, Richmond caring for people with moderate and advanced dementia.  It is a large facility which has benefitted from investment and significant refurbishment following the publishing of the National Dementia Strategy in 2009.


I often reflect on my Nan how her care needs were met and think about how we provide care now and what will be required in the future and how I would like to be cared for

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