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Work Package 1


The project team is quite large and spread across localities, but we have many years of successful collaboration behind us.

Project management and coodination

The project is managed from LSE, with a core group of three coordinating its activities (Martin Knapp, with overall lead responsibility; Adelina Comas-Herrera, as Project Manager; Raphael Wittenberg, model coordination lead). The core group is supported by:


PMG – Project Management Group comprised of the project partners and key staff.


IAG – Impact Advisory Group composed of expert stakeholders on dementia from the public, private and voluntary sectors.


RGUC – Reference Group of Users and Carers of about eight people. 


AG – Advisory Group of people external to the research team to advise and support the PMG on the research, capacity development, impact and other key activities.


IAG – International Advisory Group composed of ILC-UK Global Alliance members.


Designated leads are responsible for their workpackages.

Martin Knapp, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Raphael Wittenberg

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